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CAA-NL Recognized training and examination Institution for the purpose of transport of dangerous goods by air, including radioactive material. Other tailor-made training, fully adjusted to the specific activities, wishes and needs of your company.

Why choose DGCS?

Are you seeking professional and expert advice in regards to the transport of dangerous goods by different transport modes? Are you looking for a training recognised by the Dutch gouvernment for the purpose of transport of dangerous good by air including radioactive material? Or eventually for a tailor-made training? Dangerous Goods Consultancy Services (DGCS) is the right place to be.

Jiannis Katsikanis, founder of DGCS has over 20 years of experience in the logistics and transport industry, obtained by holding various positions in, mainly the (Aviation) industry and at Governmental Enforcement Agencies in The Netherlands (ILT & ANVS) as (Sr.) Inspector Dangerous Goods. Certified as Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) ADR / RID, ICAO-TI / IATA, IMDG, Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) and ISO (Lead) auditor, DGCS possesses all the necessary in-depth knowledge and experience on a very wide range of subjects, from general to very specific such as but not limited to “safety” and “compliance audits”, transport of Radioactive Material (Class 7), evaluation of test reports for lithium cells and batteries and the transport thereof, recognition of undeclared or misdeclared dangerous goods, etc.

Next to consultancy, DGCS also provides training for the purpose of transport of dangerous goods by air (currently for the Dutch market only), including radioactive material that are recognised by the Dutch gouvernment. Not just “basic” trainings but “all inclusive” ones whereby all aspects are discussed carefully and extensively. In addition, DGCS can also provide tailor-made training covering one or more specific aspects, fully adjusted to the activities, wishes and needs of your company.

High-quality, specialized services such as tailored advice, guidance and training.